Squier SE100 Electric Pack Reviews 3

I bought this package at Alto Music in Middletown, NY for $204 incl tax. I bought it for my daughter to learn guitar on, but quickly assumed ownership of it myself ;)

The Squier Strat included in the pack is a nice instrument in its own right. The classis 3 single coil pickups and 5-way switch give you a myriad of tones. The neck is straight and fast and easy to play. You get a real strat feel for a little amount of cash.

The amp sucks bad. On clean it sucks, but on distortion, it REALLY sucks. It's really not good for anything. A cheap Fender Frontman would have been a much better choice. The frets on the guitar could have been dressed better to tame the sharp edges. The vibrato is useless unless you enjoy tuning every 5 minutes.

The 5-way switch cover fell off immediately. The aforementioned fretwires are sharp-edged. The tuners are chintzy and go out of tune pretty easy. Other than that, it's built like a Humvee. Nice finish, too.

I would recommend the guitar to anyone as a low cost way to get the real strat feel and sound. The package is worthless doe to the crappy amp and otherwise useless accessories (you should see the shower curtain they have the nerve to call a gig bag.) Thumbs up on the strat, big thumbs down on the rest. I would say go buy a Squier Affinity Strat for about $175 and get yourself a nice amp. Much better decision.

TheHands rated this unit 3 on 2003-10-07.

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