Squier Stagemaster HSS Solid Body Reviews 4

I bought my Squier in Hoensbroek Netherlands, at Stalmeier Music. It cost me about 380 euro.

This Squier has got great playability. It's neck is really good; better than those of guitars much more expensive. Moreover: the Floyd Rose-patented whammy-bar does what it should do: this guitar stays in tone, whatever you use this whammy for. As for tones: when you're looking for a heavy sound, this is your thing. The pickups produce a solid rock sound. The hss-configuration is what you'd expect of it. Last but not least: I could afford this guitar; it's not expensive

This guitar is not really versatile. You can only use it for rock/metal. But hey, if you buy a Stagemaster, this is what you want.

I have (heavily) used the Stagemaster for about two years and a half. The instrument still looks like brandnew.

The Stagemaster gives value for money: a cheap guitar, but well constructed. It delivers good rock/metal-sounds; nothing more, nothing less

veldmaniak rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-06.

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