Squier Standard Stratocaster Lefthand Reviews 4

I bought this guitar at Academy of sound in Leicester as my first guitar for 220. I bought it because i needed a cheap guitar that was still a decent quality of guitar.

I like how cheap the guitar is and i like how high quality the guitar is for the price you pay for it.I also like the range of colours the guitar is available in (mine is metallic black). The tuners are also of a high qality.All round this is a decent first guitar.

The sounds from the guitar don't have the same quality or depth as a standard Fender stratocaster. Also the vibrato does not have very good tuning stability.

The quality of construction of the guitar is very good even though it was made in Korea and not in the US or Mexico. The neck fits well and although the hardware quality is compromised by the price it is still fairly good quality hardware.

Altogether i think this is a decent starters guitar butif you were in a regularly gigging band like i am i would buy something more expensive that has better sound quality.

Joey D rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-28.

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