Squier Strat Pak Reviews 3

I got this from Avenue Guitars in Edmonton. I think I payed $250-ish Canadian.

The paint was nice. It looked like a seventies Strat, with the larger headstock. the bridge (without the whammy bar) was pretty good and easy to play for a guitar in this price range. The amp had a very nice clean channel, when you play your guitar through the neck or middle pickups.

Dude, this thing can't stay in tune for more than 2 minutes. On mine, the 3rd string kept going out of tune. This may be due to the tuners, or it may be due to the fact that this axe has a very weak neck. I press very hard on the strings, and sometimes they go as much as a half step out of tune. As mentioned above, the amp has a very nice clean channel, but the distortion channel is uber-crap. There is just too much distortion to play loudly. And the feedback, holy crap, it was just unbelievable at higher levels. Either the amp is too distorted, or the pickups on the guitar need to be potted really bad.

Other than the tuners and the neck, the construction is mediocre. I'm sure that you can find a guitar with better construction for another $25. That said, the guitar can take a lot of abuse. I have dropped it too many times to count and it still works fine.

Dude, spend $25 more and get a better guitar. Although this is a good guitar when you're just beginning, you'll need to find something better when you get good.

Mike Canuck rated this unit 3 on 2004-11-28.

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