Squier Tom Delonge Strat Reviews 3

I bought the Squier Tom Delonge Strat from zzounds.com. I purchased it at a price of 179.00, although they're now retailing it for 160 now.

I love the black metallic color. this guitar is something like the fender. The tuners are great and so is the sound of the guitar.

Everything has its likes and dislikes, this is no exception. I wished it had one more knob or something, i hate reaching down to my amp to fix it up. The strings break really easily. i was playing with my band, we were playing a light song that had a few light riffs, and i plucked a string lightly and it broke.

it is very strong and durable. Mines has a few paint chips, but nothing much.

This is a good guitar, I would recommend the fender version though because of the other features such as 70's headstock. Still a good guitar for the money.

boxcarblink rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-05.

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