Squier Champ 15 Amp Reviews 5

$150 at Guitar works, i bought it because it was cheap.

This amp is very loud, and it has a great clean channel, also its distortion is great, but what i cant stand is people who compare it to $2000 marshalls. Its very nice looking and easy to use, the two inputs are sweet and they both work well, for the price i was pleased.

Its kinda small but who really cares? People underate it because they compare it to amps that are twice as loud, big and ten times more money. I love it.

Solid, i doubt this thing will break down on me, its not had much abuse but it definatly seeems to be in good shape after the 6 months ive owned it.

if you get the strat package if your a beginner you will appriciate this amp, and if you dont compare this thing to marshalls that are $2000, the distortion on this baby rocks. i would definatly recommend it, escpecially if you enjoyed it when you tried it out!!!!

Billy Mohler rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-18.

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