StageWorks LG-4 Reviews 1

I bought this unit used from the newspaper $125.00. The original owner said he bought it from Sam Ash.

I like that it's is small, protable and has all the functions I need.

The unit has developed a delay and a hum when you start to speak into the mic. Yes I have tried different input sources and a new one does not do what this one is doing. I can not find the manufacture to get a schematic or parts. Sam Ash will not give me the manufacture name and number. They told me they don't know how they get these units. All they know is they come from China. They also told me it would not be worth fixing, it is a throw away item. Can some one help?

I am disappointed in Sam Ash not standing by there products they sell. Be careful.

Mike Pasierb rated this unit 1 on 2003-08-18.

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