Stageworks LG-4 Little Giant Series Portable P.A. System Reviews 5

We bought this P.A. system at Sam Ash music store. Our intentions were to buy an 8 channel mixer with huge speakers. But all we really needed was a small system for practice sessions. It costs about $219 for the P.A. We saved a lot of money on this purchase!

It's portable, lightweight, easy-to-use, and economical. It only took a few minutes to set up. And its all we really needed for a good practice session. It sounds great and has made our practices a lot more fun!

The only thing I diskliked was that you don't get apeaker cables included in the package. Other than that, no complaints.

The contruction feels and looks great, it can definetly stand up to rugged continual use. Stageworks durable construction and high quality craftsmanship makes the LG-4 one of the best small P.A. systems out there.

Great sound, portable, and economical in a small, but powerful P.A. system. The Stageworks LG-4 features a 100-watt, 4-channel amplifier that offers built-in digital echo effect, delay, treble, bass, and volume controls on each channel, 4 balanced microphone inputs, 4 high-impedance inputs, a CD/Tape input, and effects loop. Two powerful speaker cabinets with 10" speakers and 3x10 horns. We love it! Buy one today, and find out for yourself.

James Gavin rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-12.

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