Stageworks LG8 Reviews 5

Sam Ash. Aprox. $350.00. I was looking for a small PA to jam with, and utilize my guitars Piezo bridge (Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci).

It is pretty loud, and sound is good. Seems to be built well, but I don't move mine around. It stays in one place. I could see using it for small jams or possibly a small gig. Obviously this isn't the best PA package out there, but for the price, it is well worth the money.

Again, for the money, I can not complain. I guess a manual would be nice, but it is very easy to figure out. It doesn't come with speaker cables, but no big deal.

Sound quality is good. Seems to be built well.

Great for jamming along with CD's (has RCA inputs in back). Would work for a band to practice with, maybe even small gigs. Comes with 2 12" speakers. They seem well built, and sound good.

loser1 rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-14.

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