Stageworks LG8 PA System Package Reviews 5

I got this because we needed it before a gig at my school so we bought it in the nick of time. We bought it at Sam ASh for $350.

the speakers are big light and very durable, the sound is great (depending on what kind of mic you use) 8 channels on a 200 watt powered mixer and echo effects. the speakers have a 12' woofer and a 2'4' tweeter i believe,extremely easy to use and easy to bring to gigs and move around.

nothing, its good for a small gig or rehersal or practice, anything small or medium

constructed well, quality is an A+

If your in a small band and have a gig coming up and your broke then get this because its pretty good for a first PA system for small/ medium gigs.

JayRide rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-20.

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