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I got the guitar from a local music shop for about 237$. They had a whole bunch of them there and I happened to pick out the right one. Tested some others as well with and without an amp (the guitar has a piezo under the bridge), but it sounded the best (and was affordable as well).

When I started to seach for a new acoustic I wanted it tohave at least 20 frets, have a cut-away for easier solos and also a piezo with a pre-amp. This guitar has it all. It's an amazing instrument! Usually Stagg's are not so good, but for some reason this one is almost perfect. It has nicely polished frets, unlike some Staggs. Also good tuners. Neck is very comfortable. The adjustment knobs on the pre-amp give nice control over the settings.

The nut is made of some sort of cheap plastic, and so it's starting to crack a bit. But i'll replace it with an ivory nut soon. The electronics is very poor. You'll need a very sensitive amp for this (the output is only 0,015v max!). Also the connection jack doesn't fit properly every time so it needs replacing as well. There's also a small paint error on the back of the head.

Construction quality is good considering Stagg's standards. Only the volume knob tends to vibrate when C-string is pulled.

It's a fine guitar overall. I'd say that with a bit of work you could sell this thing for 450$! Some good players have also tried it an they're amazed at the quality sound of it. I think that I won't buy another acoustic for years to come. But as I sayd before you can never be sure when buying a Stagg. You'll have to check it out for youself.

chris rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-18.

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