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Stagg is another dime a dozen imported budget musical instrument company, but hey if you know me, I'll give any guitar a shot! Ultimately the Stagg didn't have a tone that I bonded with but I got it cheap and thought why not review it anyway?

I bought it to resell at my lesson center. I paid $50 for it in rougher shape. After a bath, setup and new strings I feel it's worth $120.

The TR in the model stands for Transparent Red. The neck, top, back, headstock and sides are al red. The fake mother of pearl inlay around the soundhole is also kind of cool.

I got the action setup well, but whew, I can't seem to get a good sound out of it. Not even $12 Elixirs brighten this thing up! But hey, hopefully it will go to someone and inspire them to play. The insides of the body looked a bit sloppy. Spilled glue etc.

The back, top and sides are made from agathis. It is a popular wood used for cheaper guitars. It is basically a cheap relative of alder. Usually it is pretty lightweight and 'airy' feeling. The neck is made from Catalpla. Who in the heck knows what that even is? The neck has a decent feel, not too chunky and a slick glossy finish. Throw in a rosewood fretboard and bridge with some cheap hardware and you've got this budget guitar.

If the guitar comes your way, sure use it to learn on but I would not recommend this to a serious player in a day and age when there are plenty of other budget guitars out there that could smoke the Stagg.

Billy rated this unit 2 on 2011-11-25.

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