Stagg BC 300N Reviews 4

I bought this bass from PMT music store in Romford at the end of July(02). I paid 150 and got a gig bag, strap and lead free. I choose this because of its cool purple colour and its size.

I love the colour. I know that other ownersd of this bass have it in Natural finish but I managed to find a dark purple one with black streaks through(I dont know if this was a manufacture fault or what but I like it!) It has 24 frets which is weird for a bass this price and has 2 tone and 1 volume control.

This Bass has been pretty reliable but it does buzz a little bit especially the e and a strings. I adjusted the bridge and now it is fine but be warned.

This Bass is quite good quality but it is scratched pretty easily. I also have just had to take mine to the repaires because of a neck adjustment(I am bass-less for a week :(sad)

Overall this bass is great for a begginer and I would recommend it to a beginner who wants a nice smooth sound and good value for money. 5 months on this bass has done good for me!

Ciarae rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-19.

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