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Hi I bought a Stagg BC300 Fretless Bass and after reading some of the reviews was a little worried, I have played this bass through a Trace Elliot Combo and without a amp, and it sounds great, The differnce between the Jazz Bass Pickup and the Precision Bass Pickup is very different tonally, and I found the build etc superb, and if I did not know otherwisae would think that this guitar was around the 1000.00 mark, I have been playing Bass and Lead guitar for the past 40 years + and this is a great bass, all I had to do was to set the intonation up, and there I went.

I bought mine from GAK Music and paid 187.00. They are now reduced to 127.00 so I might buy another as a spare now.

Great sound neck is gorgeous and the finish is superb, the difference between the two pickups is the best I have ever known and it stays in tune.

No improvements needed to this baby.

Solid Alder body and Hard Maple neck, finish is great.

I would recommend this bass guitar to anyone never mind for the money it is worth ten times what I paid for this.

Just make sure that you check the intonation before playing, or spend 30.00 + and have the Bass set up by a guitar tech, and it will play like a 1000.00 Bass

David Roberts rated this unit 5 on 2011-09-23.

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