Stagg 14" Crash, 10" Splash Reviews 3

I have come to tell you all about stagg cymbals. I only have one Stagg cymbal, a 10" splash, but I have also played an 8" and a 14" crash from them. Here's my thoughts:

Stagg splashes are great for the price, I got a 10" for only 35!, but I do also think that the crashes are not quite so good. The splashes are useful, depending on what you are wanting to do with them. They create a very cutting, thrashy splash noise, about medium sustain, and really act more like very fast crashes.

The problems with Staggs are like this: They are not very versatile. Stagg Splashes can only really be used in a few situations, especially the 10", because they do create such a raw, dry accent. Although this might be hard to understand, they dont have a very glassy sound, even though they are cutting, sort of like a small, crashyer china. Stagg Crashes, I dont find have much quality. They are too raw and trashy for my likeing, even though I like to play the sorts of metal like Korn and Slipknot, I do like a quality sounding, shimmering cymbal, the qualities that these cymbals sdont really give.

They are about medium-medium thin in general, and I find that they are very kind on the sticks, with smooth edges. Still, the overall quality is that of about a lower midrange or midrange cymbal.

I would reccomend these cymbals to anyone with a low budget. A couple of prices: 14" Crash - about 50 10" Splash - bout 25-30

rated this unit 3 on 2003-05-30.

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