Stagg 5 Piece Power Rock kit Reviews 5

I found it on eBay being sold by a A S Bronson who kept putting one on each week. I kept being outbid so i asked to buy one for my bid price of 220 and i got it!

Cheap!AND cheerful! it has good quality wood drums and comes with a fairly decent pair of sticks. It comes with a key and, most impressively, some good cymbals! I bought it instead of a CB kit because people on this site had said you needed to upgrade it,and I knew Stagg made cymbals and they are really good! The crash is nice and good for rock/metal drumming and the hi-hats are solid. The hardware is all double-braced and high quality.

The snare release lever is cheap and keeps moving when you hit the drum so the snares come slightly loose and vibrate oddly.

The construction and quality is good for a budget drum kit. Apart from the snare lever it is good.

This is a great budget kit and i think it is the best around! Even the colours are good! It is sturdy and is a great drum kit to learn the basics on!

Rabid_penguin rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-17.

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