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I've had this kit for 5 years now, and play it constantly with and without my band.

I bought this kit around 5 years ago from Andy Bronson on eBay. I think it was nearly 300, although I can't remember.

Not much. It's not that it's a bad kit - it's just not all that good. After sticking some Remo Pinstripes on them, the drums started really sounding much better. The toms have a nice plummy deepness to them and after really cranking the snare drum up tight, it now provides a bright cracky sound that I wouldn't have thought possible from a snare of this price.

Where do I begin? The bearing edges are kinda rough and uneven - especially on the snare which is almost unacceptable. Fairly recently the snare stand snapped in half and just after that one of the lugs broke. The cymbal stand is made of the thinnest metal ive ever seen on a drum kit and dents when you tighten it. One of the bass drum spurs is a little broken, but it does still work. The cymbals are actually awful. The hi-hats sound like a paper bag and the crash sounds more like a gong than a crash. They are also so thin that you can easily bend them by hand. The stock skins are also rubbish and dent when played lightly. There are also NO nylon sleves on the cymbal stands, so expect damage to the inside of your cymbals.

The build quality is fine. It's all put together reasonably well, but the parts used seem to be the problem. The wood is clearly very cheap and the bearing edges are badly done. The hardware is made of cheap, soft metal and the skins are like paper. The cymbals are too thin and change colour from general use.

An acceptable starter kit - much better than a CB (cymbal stands aside). There are no good starter kits (as far as I know) and I would advise anyone to save a bit more and get a low-intermediate kit over a starter kit. The kit sounds quite good, but don't expect much from the hardware and skins.

XeroX rated this unit 3 on 2006-08-15.

i found this kit on abay fron A S Bronson, i kept on getting out bidded so i asked if i could buy directly from him for 200 and he replied YES

the stagg 5 peice is great the cymbols are a good heavy strong design and the hi-hat is solid and gived a crisp sound unlike the CB kit which is dreadfull the cymbols on those things are flismy and give no click when you raise your foot up and down on the hi hat instead more of a slushy sound , the tom mounting is great also unlike some stater kits their not a mile apart with these you can posiston them close far apart angled its GREAT , the best starter kit out there and i got it for 200 not like the 250 CB KIT stagg is much better

the snare is the only thing i disliked it was very hard to get a crisp cutting sound to it instead i got a sligh crisp to the sound but i heard more of a anoying ping sound

GOOD quality and ok sticks great bass pedal for a starter kit

Over all a good cheap good value for your money its because its not as commercalised as the CB kit that it fades out hopefully by you reading this you can spread the word

chris smith (been playin for 1 year love drumming) rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-14.

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