Stagg R-CH20, 20'' Chinese Regular Finish Reviews 5

I bought this cymbal at a local drumstore and paid 85 (new).

This cymbal is dirtier than any Sabian/Zildjian/Paiste chinese available. The noise this beast produces is sure to damage your ears when you're not wearing protection. The sound cuts clearly even through heavy guitars (I use it in my metal band). It is slightly heavier than other china-type cymbals, which causes it to have a much brigther tone.

I am highly satisfied with this cymbal, but it may not be suitable for lower volume applications.

The slightly heavy weight of this cymbal makes it feel far more durable than regular china cymbals. I may be wrong though, because I have only owned this baby for a week.

A very good cymbal, with an outstanding price!

Ruben Bromet rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-05.

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