Stagg L-400 Classic Les Paul Copy Reviews 5 out of Cypress, Texas. I was looking for a quality guitar that also looked great. I bought the guitar new from Paul at Firehouse Music on ebay, and I added the hard guitar case ($59,00), which it was shipped in. I think the price for the guitar and case totalled about $300.00.

First, the guitar fits perfectly in the hard case and keeps this high quality guitar in good shape. The guitar was shipped in the case. The L-400 Les Paul copy seems more like an original: It is fantastic. I love the toggle switch, where I can set the toggle to "rhythm" at one setting, and immediately switch the toggle to "treble" at a different volume and control. This is because the guitar has two separate volume and control switches that is triggered by the toggle. Its ingenius. I also like the bass sound on the 6th string that resonates in "hard rock" style. When I play the 6th string without plugging in the guitar, I sometimes here it vibrate against the fret, but it is not bothersome, and it actually may be the reason for the great sustain of the string. But all the strings resonate together and the 6th string resonation is proportional to the other strings. The strings are nice and close to the frets for easy fingering and reminds of the Byrdland guitar in that respect. Bending strings on this guitar is a luxury which allows me to easily control the wide range of pitches that the smooth bending pemits me to use. I also like the great look of this guitar with its jet black finish and gold hardware. This guitar is very high quality and has a distinct sound from mellow and traditional to hard hard rock. The guitar is great.

There is nothing about this guitar that I do not like. This is a relatively heavy guitar for long playing while strapped on your shoulders but I think its weight contributes to the incredible sound it makes.

The L-400's construction is tight. The strings are nice and close to the fretboard and this is the reason that I sometimes hear the 6th string rattle on the fret after it played accoustically. But when this guitar is plugged in, the 6th string's long and heavy vibration is incredible and its low position to the fretboard may be the reason for it.

This is not just a good guitar "for the price." This is a great guitar that could easily be sold for three times the price offered (Just don't tell the manufacturer that). Thank you Stagg for an incredible machine that will last for generations. Glen Prior

Glen Prior rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-06.

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