Stagg Les Paul Copy Reviews 4

I bought this guitar at a local guitar shop, for around $ 200.00c (U.S.)

(Everything) it has sealed tuners, mounted neck,(no screws) dual humbucking pickups, custom inlays on the fretboard, full body binding (inlays) & an excellent finish.

I dont dislike anything so far.

The construction and quality of the guitar are similar of that to an epiphone or even a cheap gibson, afterall these are just "names" and unfortunately with some guitars all you are aquiring with your the "name"

This guitar would be suitable to anyone, beginner or intermediate especially for the amount of money you can buy them for. Tip: when buying a guitar for the first time dont look at the name on the headstock, pick it up try it, look at the quality and the sound. If you like it thats all that matters.

John rated this unit 4 on 2005-04-16.

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