Stagg Les Paul L320-CS Reviews 5

I got this guitar at matchetts music in belfast. As soon as i went in to the shop i knew that it was the guitar i wanted. It costed me 100 on the button and i love it.

I have always been lookin for cheap or second hand les pauls and with the price of gibsons on the market i couldn't afford one. I was surprised by the guitars price because it plays extremely like the origional les paul. The treble sounds great and it is really good for finger playing. I like almost everything on this guitar.

It is a bit heavy when im using a strap but the weight is worth it.

It is very well crafted and the paint is suprem. The sunburst (the colour i have) is a pleasure to look at and i couldn't find any faults or chips in the guitar at all.

This guitar is an affordable well made guitar that is truly a dream to play. If you are thinking about buying this guitar i would go for it!

Dr Anonymouse rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-02.

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