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This was required at a new shop in my local area, Kings Lynn, it was 250 with a video (very useful for beginners), a strap (not of rubbish material), the amplifier (small but yet this was a beginners pack) and a music book to show you different types of music and a stand.

It's a great model designed for kids and most kids these days are into heavy metal, punk rock and this guitar is perfect. The rock guitars consist of many colours, a great variety. It's sound is very good and clear and the vibes give off an over all, hard act look

Really nothing, there could have been a case for the guitar but apart from that the guitar itself is in perfect condition

It was made of strong wood and no parts have broken off, even my younger brother has played it, quite madly and it hasn't broken, perfect for kids.

The Rock Guitar is perfect for beginning kids wanting to start a band with accesrories to die for, fully equiped and all good quality, it was well worth the money, I would have paid more!

Ed Rhodes rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-08.

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