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30+ years as a musician. i fix all kinds of guitars. i have sold everything and seen much of the poor quality and good quality

i bought this at a local music store i paid$150

great quality for the money better than your big 3 fender, gibson, ibanez. you are not paying for the name just good quality better blue book value too.

intermediate level guitar not handmade american

uses the same woods as the big 3 with better gngerbread. has better tuners and better feel.

i would buy a guitar for the warranty, service program, feel, looks, and the sound YOU want. all guitars have something good about them. you dont need to pay for the name.

benn rated this unit 5 on 2008-03-04.

I got mine used (about 2 years old) from a friend, i payed 150 for it and got a little crappy Stagg Amp with it.

Well, its hard to find anything... It's a guitar, it makes noise somewhat, it reminds me of a REAL Strat, and if you turn the Amp up it distorts and makes you think you are Metallica :) But apart from that nothing.

Wow, I could go on and on. After only two years of use some of the frets are worn down and makes an awful buzzing sound. The feel of it is overall cheap, there is still plastic wrap from the factory underneath the humbuckers, the sound is very "low budget", no soul in this guitar. The toggle switch platic has come of, very cheap metals was used when making this thing.

Cheap, low quality, low budget, bad, worse, worst. The construction is preatty solid, al least the neck hasent come of, yet...

Don't buy this guitar when there are better "low budget" ones out there, I would recomend a Richwood Strat instead of this one. It's cheap and quality is none existant. Sorry Stagg, but you suck!

Erik W rated this unit 1 on 2003-06-26.

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