Steinberger GU7RCTA1 Reviews 5

I bought this guitar oner the net from I had been contemplating this for a while, and last month there was a discount offered from $380 to $300. Motivation enough for me to buy it. I was looking for a decent travel guitar. The Martin b'packer wasn't doing it for me. This guitar is 30.25 inches long, very transporatble.

Beautiful finish, decent flame top. NOT a AAAAA flamer, but very nice. The Amber color is nice, also. Nicely finished, no flaws. Korean made, good quality. Just as a side note, I have found that other Korean made guitars that I own (ESP, BC Rich) are also well made. Top quality, and they have stood the test if time. Pick-ups are garden variety EMG selects. Sound good enough, but little character. Very good playability. Mediocre factory set-up, but easy to refine on your own to the point of exremely good action and playability. Great trem unit, nice neck. Great value - highly recommended!

Crappy gig bag. Very little protection, not good enough for one who takes care of their axe. Otherwise, nothing much to dislike. I may pop some DiMarzio pick-ups in, as the EMG are just okay. This is not to say that they are bad - just not to my liking as much as some DiMarzio models.

Solidly built. Binding is nicely done, no bleeding over of the dye. Nice color, nice finish, typical of Korean-made guitars. Satin neck finish is nice, tight neck fit to body. Absolutely no play in the fit of the neck. Easily access to truss rod. Great trem unit. Overall construction top quality.

If you need a portable electric axe, this is it. At 3 bills, an incredible bargain. At 380, still very good. Top value for the money, I believe. I find it hard to imagine anyone being dissatisfied with this guitar, only with the gig-bag. The gig-bag is crap.

Serious Guitar Pete rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-22.

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