Steinberger Spirit XT-25 5-String Bass Reviews 4

I bought this bass from for less than three hundred and fifty dollars, over a year ago. I wanted something portable to lay a few bass tracks for demos, and also because my bass player was broke and had no bass at the time.

It is a very decent bass with a cool low rumble out of the low b-string. I play guitar and keyboards and just wanted something adequate. Turned out to be a keeper. Looks good. Plays good. I'm still using the same strings that came on it. Workmanship is good and this thing is solid.

The nut on the headless neck has sharp edges on it, so I try not to poke anyone with it. I wanted a lightweight bass but it is surprisingly heavy. Oh well. It does make a nice weapon. It feels like a big fat heavy baseball bat. I'm not a violent guy but if I ever have to, I'll use it, by golly.

I bought the black version with black hardware. I think it's a neck-thru construction. It's at least glued in with no visible seam. It's got two humbuckers, two volume knobs and one tone. The ad said the neck and body are made out of maple. It has a nice woody tone, but not as woody as a Jazz or Precision. It sounds really cool distorted. There's a little plastic fold-out thingy so you can play it sitting down. I never use it, even if I'm sitting down.

It's a decent bass. For the money, I'd prefer a Mexican Fender but that is just a personal preference. Now that my bass player is solvent again, he can use my Spirit as his back-up bass. I'm thing about getting the matching Spirit guitar.

wyldbill rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-25.

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