Stella S-55 JM5 Reviews 5

This unit was avertised in a local paper, listed under misc. I puchased it for 150.00 dallars . It is in very nice shape . I am curious as to what year it is . I would be very grateful for a reply. thank you Yours Truly, Bill Franklin

It has a nice rich tone and moulds to your body making it a compfortable guitar to play.

It appears to have the original paint which is in good shape ,but you'd think it should have had a coat of lacquer.

It is a very sturdily made guitar, With a unique shape . The steel reinforced neck is a very good feature .

It seems to me that a guitar of this quality will outlast this mellinium .Thereby making the Stella manufacture's one that will be remembered for all time.

bill Franklin rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-16.

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