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I bought 2 unfinished kits on this site. basically it is an unfinished Gibson SG style kit with all the parts you need to assemble it. I have been playing the guitar for around 15 years. Have played in one or two bands when I was younger and did a few gigs. But I have recording studio experience and have also done a sound engineering course.

I bought it the guitar-warehouse site. I was interested in building my own guitar and learning the whole process behind it, but most of all, I wanted a guitar that I was proud of it. I only paid 105 plus a small amount for shipping, and really feel it was a great bargain as I ended up with a great guitar. Guitars&Category

The body appears to be made of basswood and is well and accurately carved. It features a rosewood neck, which fitted perfectly etc. The humbucker pickups sound great and have plenty of bite. In general, all the parts including bridge, saddles etc. are quite good quality for the price.The machine heads all worked okay to. Overall it is a very nice sounding guitar and it was not too difficult to assemble. I'm very pleased with it.

Obviously you could have even better parts, but this will come at a cost, so I am very happy with what I got for the price received. A wiring diagram would have been helpful, but I was easily able to find plenty of examples on the web, so it was not too difficult.

As I have said it is made of basswood (body), the quality of the cuts to the body (slots for neck and pickups etc.) is good, and the neck has also been constructed well. It is a nice guitar to play, despite being my first attempt. The sound is really good too.

I was delighted with this purchase, amazing value, I also bought the telecaster version which I have just finished and will review also if I get a chance.

Simon Logan rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-03.

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