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The guitar is finished in 'Deep Blonde', which is more like a dark tan colour, but is in fact really nice. It has similar dimensions etc. to a real telecaster. Overally is finished quite well, with the price in mind. I've gigged professionally in a blues and RandB bands in the 70's. Thought I would buy on of these, for something to travel with, but was pleasantly surprised.

I bought this on a guitar website from Ireland. I did not get to test it out first, but the specs looked decent enough and at 100, it was hard to say no to be honest. I think they are based somewhere in Dublin, but the delivery was fairly quick to me in Laois. Overall a very good service.

Well the main thing is the sound. I just love the bluesy twang it gives. the pickups seem very decent and definitely give that 'telecaster' sound. The body is made of elm and is a reasonably heavy guitar, which I like as you get a very nice sustain from it. The maple neck is well finished and smooth. good range of tones also possible from the guitar.

I felt the pick up selector switch was slightly flimsy, not that this would cause too much of a problem though. It operates fine, just seems slightly flimsy, but other than that, all other elements of the guitar were ok, and this point would not put me off.

I judge a guitar a lot by the way it feels in my hands. It feels very good indeed. Overall the construction is fairly top notch for the price i paid. I can't really fault it. It's well setup and plays nice. The paint finish is good and looks more expensive than it probably is. Very nice guitar to play, strum, pick.

I bought this as a guitar I could travel with and muck around on without too much of a care if it got damaged. I bought it because it was cheap but looked good. but I am delighted with it and find I am using it quite a bit. I would definitely recommend it as a second guitar for professional musicians or it would make a great starter guitar for anyone wanting to learn.

Paul Davis rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-11.

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