Stellah Telecaster Unfinished Kit Reviews 5

It is an unfinished Telecaster electric guitar kit which you assemble / build yourself. I have been playing guitar for around 15 years, been in some bands and have worked on a few recordings.

I bought it on the guitar-warehouse site. I paid just 85 and also bought one of the SG kits they do. Brilliant value I may add. I'm definitely tempted to try some of the other kits.

It was easy enough to assemble. Trickiest part was the wiring, but there were plenty of examples / tutorials on Google and Youtube. All the parts were decent enough and I ended up with a really nice bluesy guitar.

Not much, but instructions or a wiring diagram would have been handy. Everything else was easy enough.

Well sculpted body and neck. All the parts fitted well together. the guitar is a joy to play. Some very nice blues sounds are capable and it also sounds very good with distortion. Not quite as good as real tele but stunning value all the same.

I'm delighted with it and also the SG kit I bought. It was great value for money and overall a really nice guitar when I finished it.

Simon Logan rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-03.

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