Stellar Jazz Hollow Body Electric Reviews 4

I paid $234.00 Including the shipping for this Guitar. It came with a hardshell case. Purchased on ebay. It looked beautiful and the price was well within my budget.

I think the guitar itself is well made and very nice for the money. The finish is beautiful and better then many higher priced guitars. The packing was sufficient to protect it during shipment. The case while not being the best hardshell case was OK for the price.

My main complaint is that there was NO FACTORY SETUP WHATSOEVER and the item came UNTUNED AND UNADJUSTED. Strings were limp. Some strings were high and some were low after tuning they were not level accross the bridge or the fretboard. I have an "A" string that sits 1/16th higher then the Low "E" String. A shame for such a nice instrument to be sent from the factory without a FACTORY SETUP. I now have to pay to have the guitar setup done by a luthier in my area. SHAME SHAME SHAME. Sending an instrument out without a SETUP lowers the buyers impression of an otherwise fine guitar.

This Guitar is built like a tank and beautiful to boot. Just looking at it on the stand makes you want to pick it up and play it.

Great sounding guitar, but because of the cheap strings and NO FACTORY SETUP it will not stay in tune long. A few bends and its out of tune.I love the guitar, but really would have liked it more of it had come ready to play, with a factory setup. Add $10.00 to the price and set these guitars up at the factory. IT IS BEAUTIFUL and once I get it adjusted and the strings changed and intonation set I will have a great playing as well as a great looking axe.

savedembucks rated this unit 4 on 2005-09-06.

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