Stellar Merc 006 Reviews 5

Lost my job. sold my intire collection. Needed an axe just to dabble around on. Bought it off e-bay 200.00 bucks with case. I thought this is insain! Nobody can sell a set neck and case for this price and with a lacuer finish to boot if i don't like I can get 100% refund why not

Tone is the number 1,finish is the real killer super nice action is next craftman ship best nockoff ever. I was playing back in the jap. Invation ply wood bodies crap parts you know.

Inonation get a nashville bridge they have a little longer saddle area so you can adjust the intonation the bridge that is on it won't let the low E to go back far enough

The wood, mohogony back alder or maple top not to sure the neck is maple from the pocket to nut area then becomes mohogony which gives it a slight flimsy feel to the headstock

A real poor mans les paul 200.00 best buy anyway you look at it

Rockabilly Bob rated this unit 5 on 2005-08-31.

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