Stellar Mercury 001 Reviews 5

I bought this guitar on ebay for $190. I bought it after my friend showed me his Stellar in a midnight blue to black flame top. I tried it out and the guitar just to put it in simple terms ROCKS!!

Well the most obvious like is the flame top. I got it in a cherry top and it's nothing short of beautiful. The humbuckers are kick A$$. The design is almost identical to a les paul. It weighs about the same too. It really is built solid

The strap and strings it came with are kinda cheap even though that has nothing to do with the guitar.

Like I said above, this thing is SOLID. It weighs as much as a Les Pual. The finish will make your mouth drop.

For $190 why would you not buy one of these? The quality is of a $600+ guitar. You won't be disapointed. Plus, you get the bragging rights to say to Gibson owners that "I got a guitar just as good as yours for a tenth of the price" lol.

Alex A rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-31.

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