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I bought this guitar locally. I paid about $340 for it. After testing it out on a a Marshall 1/2 stack amp I was sold.

-Heavy weight, similar to a Les Paul -Sound, warm with a long sustian -Design, classic look -Solid body -Thin Neck -REALLY low action -gold hardware -Flawless finish -Comes in a nice hard case with Stellar's logo laser cut on it -Set neck ........thats all I can think of right now

Nothing but the strings

Please read the (what I like about the unit) tab

This guitar rivals guitars I've played in the $1000 price range. Just as long as Stellar keeps it up, they are gonna be HUGE.

Steve rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-23.

I bought this guitar on EBAY for $249.00

I have been involved with a very well known guitar manufacturer and I have to say that this guitar is simply awsome. The sound is great and the workmanship is spectacular. I've played other Les Paul's and this being a copy just blew my mind. It is simply the most comfortable guitar I have ever played. A person can not go wrong with this piece.

nothing to speak of

For the price it exceeds others for 3 times the price

If you want to sit around scratching your head as to how they were able to do it at the price then you need to purchase this guitar

Greg Worrell rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-20.

I bought this beautiful guitar brand new off of ebay for $249.95 plus shipping. It lists for around $700 and is worth it but you can get the cheaper on ebay. I wanted a les paul custom but couldn't afford one so i bought this very, very accurate, kick-ass clone.

This guitar has a beautiful glossy black finish (it also comes in white). It looks exactly like a les paul custom (completely bound body, neck and headstock) and with a set neck, it has incredible sustain. And, even though the body is maple, it has a suprisingly sweet, warm tone. It also came with a hardshell case, cable, and strap.

The guitar itself has no flaws! But the factory strings and strap are kinda cheap so i suggest getting a new set of your favorite strings and you won't be disappointed.

The construction of the guitar is as good as any I've seen. The neck is flawlessly set and the binding around the body is awesome!!! The pickups sound pretty damn good and are gold plated so they look great on the black body.

If you want a super high quality guitar for mere chump change, BUY THIS GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!! I usually wouldn't go for a copy but I couldn't resist this awesome deal and it turned out to be ten times the guitar i thought it would!!!

mike kcks rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-19.

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