Stellar Mercury 002 Black Beauty Reviews 5

I found this guitar on Ebay and paid only $240. I needed a guitar to use for gigging. My other guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Studio 2001 and I did not want to screw it up.

This guitar is one of the best Les Paul copys I have ever played. The gold hardware compliments the guitars gloss black finish so nice. No lie it sounds just as good as my real Les Paul Studio. The action on it was so low, I could play it for hours on end without any fatigue. The clean gave me chills.

I didn't like the strings it came with. Who ever likes factory strings?

The guitar is built solid. It weighs practically the same as my Les Paul. It has a bolt on neck but the way they mount it on is brilliant. The way the neck is cut makes sure that the neck will always be straight. I cant really describe how it's cut. You just have to see it.

The best Les Paul copy out there. You cant beat the price. Definatly way better then any Epiphone. I'm definatly going to purchase more of these guitars in the future.

David rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-16.

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