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The mercury 006 is a cherry sunburst Les Paul with a bolt on neck. Made of mahogany and maple top, crow inlays with a true LP body except for the headstock. The hardware is junk, but it's the typical stuff that comes with LP style guitars (in chrome). I've been playing for 6 years and play mostly blues and rock as a hobbyist.

I only paid $135

If you are in search for a Les Paul style guitar, but don't mind putting in a little work and money in, without sacrificing features, this is a guitar for you. This guitar is an equivalent to the Epi LP100, but better, because of the creme binding that's on the body, neck and headstock, maple top and crown inlays. The finish is beautiful.

The hardware is bad. The bridge will need to be replaced (plated chrome)with something better, but works. The studs for the tailpiece and the bridge are not mounted correctly. Pick ups are junk and lack sustain. The tuners are fair at best. The setup isn't too bad, but will require minor adjustments. Spend about $100 on parts and install them and you have a great LP.

Body Construction is great and very hefty. Hardware mounting is awful. The screws for the pickups don't hold. I had to stick toothpicks in the screw holes to make them tight during my pickup replacement. Again the studs are not mounted correctly and are not flush with the arch top. I replaced all the hardware anyways.

$170? you would have to expect to put money into this guitar at the price. Despite all the cons, I love this guitar. I don't see paying $300 for an Epi100 for just the Les Paul endorsement. A true Les Paul is a Gibson anyways. You take more pride in your instrument by putting in the work to make it your custom. If you don't mind doing the work, you can't go wrong with the Stellar. Some guitars are Sh*t no matter how much work you put into it. I give this guitar and above average rating. Is it playable out of the box? Sure it is. If your a youngster that does not know any better that plays the new genre of Rock you hear today. It'll stay in tune and with a lot of distortion, it will mask what the guitar truly sounds like without upgrades.

Ed Phoenix rated this unit 4 on 2010-03-08.

I recently bought a stellar guitar off of e-bay for about $180.00, $210.00 if you count s&h,

This guitar is a good guitar for price, being better than an actual gibson?, no, unless i got ripped off, now dont get me wrong, it's a good guitar and all, but not better than gibson

Strings wont tune perfectly, come out of tune, and the neck seems a little flimsy

The construction is decent, if your looking for all looks and not the sound, this is the guitar for you, the finish is KILLER, beautiful, i lve the finish, and the humbubkers are good also.

i think if you are a beginner, or someone who wants another guitar to mess around on, then this is it, good price for thr product

Brad Hendry rated this unit 3 on 2004-04-15.

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