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This is my 5th guitar, and the second I first played it, I told myself I would never buy another guitar if I could just have this one (which probably won't last very long). It's equipped with a Wilkinson Trem II, and it took some adjusting and getting used to, but I think I'll be happy with it. It has a locking nut and all black chrome hardware (very sinister, indeed), but it didn't come with a case, or even a gig bag. I think for such a worthy guitar, they should include something to store it in.

The sound that this guitar produces is beautiful. No matter what pickups I have selected, the tone is always bright, and very thick sounding. I especially prefer using only the humbucker at the neck position. The sustain is amazing when I use it with my Ibanez TS7. I play a lot of Metallica, and newer rock like saliva, drowning pool, and nickelback, but I also like to toy around with blues every once and a while, and this guitar just delivers fully. The factory setup was layable, but the higher strings on the guitar were too close to the neck to really use the trmelo much, so I had to adjust the height of the bridge, which only took a few minutes. No biggie. the back side of the bridge was slouching back into the body, so I loosened the springs, but again, only a couple minute job, nothing major. The intonation was right on, and the finish is amazing, I's almost as if it just glows............

how the hell should i know. good from what i can tell

I could use this guitar by itself with no backup and not have a second thought about it. Everything on it feels so tight and well in place. It's a very solid guitar. the strap buttons are a little small, though, and I have almost lost it a few times. damn good from the factory is was great the innottation was right on and the action was purfect every thing was right on and great that is all i can say. it is the best guitar that i have had ever.

I love this guitar. It fits my personality and playing style perfectly, it's just so damn evil. I bought it cuz it looked cool, but it just has everything that I wanted, it's amazing. I was between it, a Jackson, and an LTD, and neither of them had anything on this guitar. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a damn good guitar that can't afford to spend like a thousand bucks on something else. This plays just as good, if not better than most les pauls I've tried out. If you're a Hardcore Rocker, this is the axe for you.

prophet rated this unit 5 on 2001-09-30.

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