Stuart Spector NS 2000 /REX Reviews 5

I Got this bass as my second Spector. My other one is an NS2000/5. i paid 400 for it as i get these at trade price beacuse i am on the artist page on the Spector website cool eh!

I love everything about this bass. the finish on it is a HOLOFLASH finish which you can see on the spector website at, the body of it feels and looks a bit like the Gibson Thunderbird, the way it plays feels like you are playing a Gibson Explorer lead guitar with the strap nut being on the back of the bass rather than the side, you get so much freedom with the neck its fantastic. It sounds brutally loud and perfectly clean at the same time.

not much at all really. the only downside is that the weight is not perfect and if you let go of the neck it drops down but im sure this can be rectified if you buy a good leather strap as i cant afford one.

the quality is in the name. i have never seen a bass as well made as these ones especially for the price. the hardware is great the SPECTOR BRIDGE is so strong you feel totally in control of the guitar. it does not feel weak and feelble like some basses do.

GET one. these are ace and for playing the METAL stuff like i do it sounds so much bigger than the NS2000/5.

Will Harris (Long Time Dead) rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-10.

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