SurfCity Catalina Reviews 5

This model is from a new company, Surfcity in Huntington Beach, Ca. I saw it online at or ebay I think and it was a very slim body acoustic with preamp pickup and looking with three color options. I paid $200 and got a really nice gig bag with it.

It seemed different than a lot of the others and had pearl inlay around the top with gotoh tuners. The company said they setup action before shipping and it was really low right out of the box. The tone is really full for a body that is only 3" deep, finish is cool and pickup system is really good. It has a 4 band eq built in and battery checker.

Nothing, I love it!

Solid spruce top, nice slim bound neck. High grade tuners. Clean finish

Great value all the way around-can't beat the features for the price!

Darren rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-22.

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