Suzuki SJB-20 Reviews 5

I saw it at a shop selling it at US$100 (when converted from Singapore dollars) and knew I got to have it.

At first, I as skeptical about the brand but what the heck! I needed one for practice and not for gigs. So, I went to see it again. It was an exact replica of the Fender Deluxe American Jazz Bass except that it has a bridge that allows you to adjust the height of the individual strings. The sound and tone it great. Not fuzz or buzz.

There is too much mid-range in the tone control. Other than that, it is one of the best basses I have held in my arms. It felt like a Fender and plays like a Warwick.

The colour was vintage sunburst and on closer inspection there isn't any chips. The fretboard is smooth like a baby's ass. I mean I couldn't describe it. The body is alder, the fretboard maple. And, for US$100, I couldn't ask for more. In fact, I thought that it was selling for at least US$200.

Don't look at brand names. The quality, the price makes it a worthwhile buy and not the brand logo.

anarchy_ska_punk rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-22.

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