TAMA Rockstar Fusion 5-Piece Reviews 5

i aquired my Tama rockstar from professional music technology in birmingham (UK) for 670 with hardware, cymbals and a stool included

This drumkit rocks! I played on a range of kits in the shop in the same price range and nothing came close to the rockstar. I just had to have it! The tama starcast mount system is amazing and so easy to setup, (much better than the 2 arm tom holders on a pearl export) and gives the kit that extra resonance to make it sound great

i don't like that there is no hole to mic the bass drum up, but it sounds pretty amazing anyway! The factory heads don't really sound that good but put some Evans G2 on and you will have a professional sounding kit for 1/2 the price.

The quality is great. the hardware is so sturdy it is unbelieveable and the finish (mine is vintage red) is amazing and looks so good on stage. The factory heads can also take quite a battering.

i recommend this kit to anyone, from beginners to professionals. With head adjustments this kit truly sounds incredible. (for any musician who lives in the UK, i recommend checking out professional music technology in Birmingham or their website www.pmtonline.co.uk)

jimbob rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-27.

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