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It's January 2009 and I just purchased a 2009 Devastator by TTM Guitars. Hand made in Palm Desert California. This guitar has 24 jumbo frets and a reverse headstock with Wilkinson tuners and a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo. Quilted Maple Top. It came with a sturdy and gorgeous case. I've been playing rock music in bands about 20 years seriously and more than that just hacking around. I usually play a new Strat and an old 1961 Telecaster and a 1978 Les Paul. I use a mixture of different Marshall amps through 1960AX and 1960BX cabinets. My musical taste and style is progressive rock and classic rock.

I bought this guitar from the website. They also sell them on eBay and directly at their factory showroom in Palm Desert California. I paid $678.00 It would be extremely difficult to find a guitar of this caliber and quality for that amount anywhere.

What I like about this guitar: Sound: This is the exact sound I wanted to find for the last 20 years. It sounds wonderful through my Marshall or through my Fender. Clean or Nasty it's just as versatile as it is beautiful. Action, Fit & Finish: I must raise my Goblet of Rock to the people who did the finish on this TTM Devastator because after custom painting cars for a living for 18 years I can honestly say these people know what a good finish looks like. This is the best job I've ever seen on an electric guitar. I could shave in the mirror finish.

There is nothing I don't like about this guitar.

Construction and Quality: This guitar will last forever probably. Great attention to detail was obviously a factor. Painstaking detail in the whole guitar so I'm sure it will last forever. I'd use it without a backup. I will tonight for sure.

My Bottom Line Overall Impression: The "TTM Guitars" Devastator model is way better than my Les Paul OR my Strat. Best guitar I've ever owned. This is my 12th guitar in as many years too. I'm probably going to get at least one or two more TTM Guitars.

TTM Devastator rated this unit 5 on 2009-01-05.

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