Tacoma DM9 Acoustic 6 String Reviews 5

I am 23 years old and have been playing the guitar for over 8 years. I am self taught. Over the years I have developed an ear for a great sounding acoustic guitar. I have always prefered an acoustic guitar over an electric. Just the sound alone seems to resemble a royalty among instruments. I grew up listing to my fathers music. Such bands as Pink Floyd, Cat Steves, C,S,N, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, E,L,P, ect... Now I listen to alot of modern rock along with the classics from my fathers era. My personal taste still leans toward older rock n' roll. I never played in a band because I grew up in a small town that had limited artists running around. I own six guitars myself, five I bought brand new, and if I had to choose only one I would choose the Tacoma DM9.

I did not purchase the guitar on the spot because I was out of town on vacation and did not want to chance moving the guitar over 800 miles through various altitudes. I bought this guitar as soon as I found it after my vacation was over. I purchased it at Guitar Center in Medford, Oregon. I paid $565 for the guitar which came with a hardshell Tacoma case.

When I first picked up the Tacoma DM9 guitar I was in love with the clean bright tones that seems to amplify itself directly towards the ears of both the musician and music lover. The bass alone, that the DM9 produced, would make any guitarist turn is ear and direct it on the awesome sounding guitar. The bass is a clean deep sound that seems to go right through you. This guitar is one of the finest sounding guitars that I have ever picked up. The Tacoma Dm9 sound is comparable to the finest sound made by any other maker(Martin, Gibson). This guitar feels very light when picked up and plays great. I believe the wieght of the guitar is in direct correlation with the acoustic sound, and this sound is incredible.

I cannot say that there is anything wrong or that I do not like about this guitar. But I will say that when I first found this guitar in another location I saw that the body underneath the bridge had a wavy warped shape (that did not affect the sound). However I waited and bought one without this flaw. I have had the Tacoma DM9 for over 3 years and no signs of warping.

The construction is solid and true. My guitar came with no flaws at all. I would rate the construction and quality as good as it gets.

I would say it has to be one of the most amazing sounding guitars anyone can make today, and for the price it beats most.

jtcool7 rated this unit 5 on 2005-10-28.

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