Tacoma DR 20 w/LR Baggs Electronics Reviews 5

I purchased from Guitartrader.com and the price was 889.00 with free ground shipping. I had played the DR-12 and was impressed so I took a chance on the DR-20. I was looking for a quality solid wood acoustic to play fingerstyle in church. I am 48 yrs old so this may be the last guitar I buy. I was looking for value, not necessarily a cheap price.

I received the guitar a few days ago and the looks were so good I just knew the sound would not live up tp expectations...but I was wrong. Both plugged and unplugged this guitar sounds as good as any Gibson, Martin, or Taylor. I had never heard such a sweet sound from my Crate digital acoustic amp. The Baggs on board electronics are simple to use and I am assuming battery life is near eternal, like any pre-amp.

The battery replacement is through the soundhole and not on the top side as with some units. This is not a big bother considering the battery life of acoustic pre-amps. The neck adjustment bolt is on the headstock end instead of in the soundhole. Again, this is not a biggie since I generally need to adjust the neck about once every eight years. Also, the case is a little less than sturdy, (but I never play the case).

Construction appears to be top notch with solid rosewood back and sides, and spruce top. I don't know any guitarist who does'nt believe solid wood yields superior sound to laminates or composites.

I have a Martin and a Takamine and this Tacoma is now my favorite. The only guitar I've ever played that sounded as good is a $2300 Martin D-41

Fred Wood rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-01.

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