Tacoma DR38E4 Reviews 5

I decidid to buy a Tacoma after trying many other acoustics from the usual brands. The other brands were either to expensive, not well made, or did not have the rich sound. I happend upon a Tacoma DR12 at a Guitar Center and loved the sound. I did some online research and decidid I wanted the DR38E4. After some more research I found a unbelivable deal online and jumped on it. I had to promise not to reveal what I paid for it but I can say that it was far, far below the list price of $2249.00. I bought it from Country Strings Music (countrystrings.com) in Texas.

The sound is unreal! It is full and well balanced tone. Every string rings clean and clear. Even if I play crap it sounds excellent. The action is a little high for me but it still plays like butter.

I can not think of anything that I do not like about this guitar!

The construction and finish of this guitar is perfection. I examined every inch of this guitar, inside and out, and I could find no flaws or imperfections. The Fishman PrefixPlus System is very versital and solid. The deluxe archtop hardshell case is very nice. It is dark brown outside with a dark blue interior and gold hardware with lock.

I have been playing about 28 years. I have played and owned many guitars from Martin to Taylor and about everything between, but this one stands out above all the rest. I did some major searching and research before deciding on a Tacoma and nothing else compairs to it. If you want a quality solid wood acoustic with unmatched sound save yourself alot of trouble and go with a Tacoma.

Julio rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-15.

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