Tacoma RoadKing 98' Reviews 3

Purchased in MA 750.00 w/ case

Great tome, great action, best value (cost and sound)

Warrantee is useless, customer support is non-existent. 10 detailed emails several phone calls and no response. I was one of the first customers that purchased this no-name guitar (at the time no one knew who they were) and I was sold on the warrantee, if you like the guitar buy it, don't expect the warrantee to be worth the paper it was written on.

After 7 years, the guitar has not lasted the time test. It has a significant problem with the design in regards to where and how the neck is attached to the body. The wood is giving away allowing the neck to pull up on a corner. Impossible to tune as a result.

Great sounding guitar, one of the best for the money. If you plan on buying a new guitar every 4-5 years this is the one for you.

Brian rated this unit 3 on 2003-03-25.

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