Tacoma CB105FL Reviews 4

Natural finish, very plain looking in a tasteful way. Rather lightweight for its size. It has a great acoustic tone, which is perfect for our duo, but I haven't gigged it yet cuz I'm not happy with the electronics.

I got it online from GC. It has some minor nicks and dings and was very affordable with nothing you'd actually call damage.

Acoustic tone out the yinyang. Other than 'looking the part' there's nothing else to love cuz the 'price' of such tone is a big awkward ax. But the tone is the deal, or you'd not be looking at ANY acoustic bass guitars, right ? So you accept some *extra* awkwardness for heaps of extra acoustic tone. Except for the Klein-Taylor, no other AGB seems 'real'.

It feels flimsy, but you're not spozed to use an ABG in self defense anyway. The 5-string spacing is rather tight, which would be OK on a convenient, more ergonomic electric solid body, but is less acceptable on an awkward barge like this one. Again, it's something you live with for the tone. The piezo circuit is extremely susceptible to a common [and illegal] AC wiring problem found in many buildings ... Neutral-Side Back-Feed. It's not just annoying, it's unuseable in such an environment, cuz you get 95% hum and 5% music. I'm planning on converting to a whole new PU system, cuz I do like this ax ! Like too many ABG's, the controls are located right where your arm crosses the body. Dumbast, but typical of the genre.

As I said, it FEELS flimsy, more so than most acoustics. Yet, somehow it feels like 'quality flimsy', meaning, well-executed but ultra-lite [for its size]. It would seem that this phenom is inseperable from the tone it offers, so it's not a roadhouse ax. No problem really.

If you can find or afford a Klein-Taylor, this is *IT* ... even if you hafta be its bodyguard and protector, and even if you hafta re-do the electronics. Hard to figger how to rate this. It's better than average [better than a '3'], yet it has its imperfections [inferior to a '5']. Therefor, it's a '4'. But it's so outa the mainstream that I don't feel right about rating it at all ... like it's exempt from ratings.

Golem rated this unit 4 on 2010-05-03.

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