Takamine EAN10X Reviews 5

The guitar was bought from "Hanks" guitar shop on Denmark St in London. I must be honest as i have recently changed from a Seagull to the Takamine. Although the Seagull was a fantastic and well made guitar i was'nt getting on with it and made the change. I bought the guitar for 839 with a part exchange on the Seagull

The guitar is beautiful and feels looks and plays like a quality guitar.If i was honest it does'nt look as nice as the Seagull visually, but makes up in other areas.

There is nothing i dislike about this guitar.

The EAN10X has a solid cedar top, a beautiful honey colour, a solid mahogany back and laminated mahogany sides which does'nt detract from the guitars sound as the input from the sides is minimal.It has a rosewood fingerboard, Satin finish and amber tunning pegs.

A truly fantastic piece of kit, i thought the change from a Canadian guitar to a Japanese guitar was food for thought but i was pleasantly suprised!! It ommits a lovely warm sound, and is the guitar i should have bought first time round. I think i'm turning Japanese

Wavey Davey rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-24.

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