Takamine EG 230 Reviews 4

I bought this unit from a local guitar shop, because it sounded good and was priced right at about $220 for an acoustic/electric.

When I played a jam session with another acoustic player I realized how good the guitar actually sounds, every one in the room agreed, and the person I was playing with had a $400 ovation. I have also done some recording with the guitar, and the electronics really pick up the sound well.

The only down fall would be the lack of a cutaway, never underestimate the importance of a cutaway. You have access to the first 16 or 17 frets, but after that it is a streach.

I have had it for about a year now and it has maintained its finish, also the Grover tuners are excellent and will stay excellent for years (I know because I have a Dean 7 string electric with the same tuners that I have had for about 3 years and I bought it used from a pawn shop.)

Great guitar, priced low enough for entry level players, but the sound (as a stand alone acoustic and being recorded or played through an amp), the excellent construction, and the feel to last a life time of playing.

Brandon rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-28.

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