Takamine EG-334SC Reviews 5

I was looking for my second guitar I knew I wanted two things, an Acoustic Electric, and a Cut Away design I went to Guitar Center and found this USED! for 450

I love the design of this guitar, and the rich sound it produces. I have not been playing for long but I spend about 40+ hours a week playing the guitar and this has a beatiful fret board, and the gold tuners really accent it and the what i call "mother of pearl" that goes around the guitar and the sound hole is absolutely stunning and is something you can only see in person.

The only thing I'm not a fan of on this Guitar is the Pre-amp I really wish Takamine would of put the CB-4 i believe its called with the built in tuner, but the eq and the pre amp itself is awesome

The construction was beatiful not too big not too large, and still with a beatiful full and colorfull sound. Ive banged it around a couple of times by accident but only one of them have left an impression. Very durable, and so far no pins or anything else have needed to be replaced over the past 2 months.

Amazing guitar for a very good price, when i picked up this guitar i knew that i was walking out with it. Throw on som of your favorite strings on this thing and play it. You will not regret your investment!

Kyle S rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-13.

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