Takamine EG330C Acoustic Electric Reviews 4

Bought this Acoustic electric 6 string in 1997 from B-Street Music in San Mateo, CA. Paid around 600 including case.

I have been playing this guitar for around 5+ years in various venues. It holds tune very well. It delivers clear sound. It has a good active preamp with equalizer. The cutaway allows easy access and ease of playing even in the 12 fret and above. You can also adjust the neck for the type of strings you put on. (Now most guitars have this feature.)

The sound through the amplifier/mixer is a little dull/damp. I solved that problem by sending the signal through a LR Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. or a Zoom acoustic pedal before amplification. I have both But there are so many different kinds of effects/ pedals available for acoustic guitars now.

Quality & workmanship is excellent. It stands side by side with guitars that cost over 3 times as much in manufacturing quality. Very comfortable to play.

Now this guitar is available for much less (100-200 than what I paid for) in various discounted web sites. Also now they have replaced this model with a solid spruce top EG330SC model. Been with me for the last 5+ years.

JJ rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-18.

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